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Enter a world of endless fun and laughter at Hop N Bop Khar's beautiful soft play area. A play area with a trampoline, ball pools for your young ones to jump in, a unique balloon carnival, wall toys, block modules, a merry-go-round, slides, a climbing wall and much more is included for children between the ages of 6 months to 8 years. There is a classroom space where children may sit and read books or play dress-up with the kitchen set and showcase their creativity through art. Designed to ignite the spirit of adventure, our vibrant space offers diverse activities for children to enjoy. From thrilling activities to interactive play zones, little ones can immerse themselves in pure joy and excitement.

Memberships Packages

Enjoy unlimited playtime for your lil ones at Hop N Bop Play for one child and two complime tary adults. Charges inclusive of taxes.
Socks are compulsory for all.

Package 1


3 Months

Package 2


6 Months

Package 3


12 Months

Maximum and Minimum allowance of 1.5 hrs Per day Per child

Except if closed for a private event or birthday.
Kindly call before walking in.
Outside/Home cooked food is prohibited unless allergic.
Memberships are non transferable/ no cancellation/ no extension in case of any issues.

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