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Hop N Bop Play Zones

Hop N Bop has a play zone designed specifically for children aged 6 months to 8 years old, complete with a trampoline, ball pools for your young ones to dive into, a unique Balloon Carnival, wall toys, block modules, merry go round, slides, climbing wall, and much more!

"I'm Hungry" Cafe

Hop & Bop's "I Am Hungry" café will serve your special ones with delicious, wholesome meals for those intense post-game cravings. Kids can pick from various healthy and delicious snacks, ranging from tiny meals to baked goods.

Theme Birthdays

Hop N Bop also specialises in creating birthday parties for children based on a specific theme chosen by them. We specialise in curating the perfect birthday for your Little ones just as they want it to be! Everything can be customised from decor to activities!

Rules of Play

What is fun if there are no rules? Hop N Bop offers a set of guidelines to assist children enjoy themselves to the utmost without causing injury or discomfort to one another.

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Hop N Bop Events

Hop N Bop Event Planners are awaiting you!
Hop N Bop plans and executes the perfect event for you and your loved ones, whether it is an engagement party, a baby shower or a get-together. Get in touch with Hop N Bop today and let our event management team organise the most amazing and memorable event of your life!

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Hop N Bop Memberships

If you are looking for a safe yet fun place for your little ones to spend quality time, then Hop N Bop is your go-to place. Join our membership program today!


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