MONSTROCITY OPEN ALL 7 DAYS FROM (11.00am - 8.00pm) * Socks and masks are compulsory for all kids and adults.

What is Soft Play?

Hop n Bop are here to give a new meaning to “staying indoors”; they want you to come indoors and play, learn, think, grow. Hop n Bop is a new soft play area – a safe, soft environment to allow kids to actively play and develop new motor skills such as learning to climb, balance, build blocks, and hone social skills by playing with other kids. This constructive downtime is equipped with a variety of games and playing facilities for various age groups – from 6 months to 8 years – that stimulate and encourage children to think and make the most of this exploratory playtime. This soft play area is ideal for kids of our city, which sees a dearth of parks and other public spaces where typically kids can let loose.

Why opt for a soft play area?

  • Active play boosts physical, mental, emotional and social skills
  • Your child learns to be social while playing and interacting with other children
  • Helps hone your child’s creative and imagination abilities
  • This kind of play helps boost fitness levels using fun techniques
  • Great for any weather conditions